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Portland Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Stopping Wage Garnishments in Portland, OR

When a person cannot pay their credit cards, monthly mortgages, car loans, or other bills, it is best to seek help immediately from a proven bankruptcy attorney. At Oregon Fresh Start, we have helped countless clients over the past 33 years facing wage garnishment, creditor harassment, and other stressful financial problems. If you or someone you know has a serious wage garnishment situation, contact a Portland bankruptcy attorney for legal assistance and guidance. We understand the misery that people experience when they have overwhelming debts and we can offer real and effective solutions. There is hope for a possible resolution, even if your wages are garnished.

Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishments in Portland, OR

When a creditor is unable to receive payment from a debtor, they may turn to the courts for assistance in their collection process. It is a significant action taken against the borrower. It can cause even more stress in an already problematic situation of too many debts and not enough money to pay urgent bills. The courts issue an order for employers to pay the creditor a specified amount for a stated time. That means a portion of your wages, as determined by the courts, will go toward your debt before you receive your pay.

Searching for an attorney for your wage garnishment case in Portland?

There are actions that our attorney can take for certain types of debt in order to deter the garnishment process. A determination is necessary about the kind of debt and whether the filing of a Chapter 7, or Chapter 13, is the best solution in your unique case. Fortunately, we have a vast amount of experience in dealing with wage garnishment and other problems facing debtors. To speed up the process, we handle most of our cases electronically because we find it is more convenient for the client and is an efficient means to communicate. If a meeting in person is preferred, we are available in several office locations. For anyone threatened with wage garnishment or it has already happened, quick action is essential to resolving the situation. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an established and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who can offer effective advice about your wage garnishment case.

Contact a Portland wage garnishment lawyer for immediate assistance.

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